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Adobe PhotoShop Training Manuals
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Adobe Photoshop Training Manuals

Assignments designed for skill retention

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PhotoShop Training Manuals & Assignments

This hands-on, experiential, student-based manual is a highly visual step-by-step approach to creating applied technological examples. It assumes that the student has no experience or background with PhotoShop software. The intent is to leave the student with a solid foundational core to use and to build upon. It is a very user-friendly manual and is meant for self-paced learning with little or no input from an instructor. The manual proceeds to take the student through:

  • Starting PhotoShop, Creating a new file, Zooming in/out
  • Sizing Text Boxes, font changes
  • Edit, Copy, Edit, Paste
  • Resizing Photos (Ctrl-T), Horizontal Text Tool, Font Size & Style
  • Rotate Text, Move Test, Editing Text
  • Warping Text, Warp Styles, Warp Settings
  • Move Tool, Moving Text Boxes
  • Vertical Type Tool, Font Styles, Font Size
  • Foreground Color, Skewing Text
  • Free Transformation to change text box shape, Distort
  • Rastardizing, Perspective Transformation, Layer Style
  • Saving File (PSD, JPEG)
  • File Open, Layers, Brush, Paintbrush, Lasso, Paint bucket, Zoom
  • Main tool bar, Speed buttons, Start Photoshop, download photos
  • Maximizing Screen, Zoom in, Move picture, Scroll bars
  • Layers, Opacity, Transparent
  • Color Selection, Air Brush options, size, F5
  • Eraser, eraser size, Paint brush options, size
  • New Layer, Lasso Button, Fly out menu, Polygonal Lasso
  • Marching Ant Lasso border
  • Paint Bucket Fill
  • Magnetic Lasso, Gradient, Linear Fly out
  • Radial Gradient, Type Tool
  • Text Layer, Drop Shadow, Special effects, Edit Undo
  • Vertical Text, Rectangular Marquis, Move, Vertical text tool Fly out, Windows
  • Save File, File folders, Naming File, *.PSD, *.JPEG
  • Maple Leaf Brush Style
  • Zoom Options, Magnifying Glass, Brush Palettes, Layers
  • Name New Layers, Zoom Lasso, Magnifying Glass
  • Magnetic Lasso, Background layer, edit copy, edit paste
  • Multiple Layers of Flowers
  • Flatten or compress layers
  • Marquis Tool
  • Pattern Stamp Tool, Resizing Pattern stamp tool, Defining Patterns
  • Clone Tool, Smudge Tool, Smudge Tool Brush size
  • Blur Tool
  • Burn Tool, Dodge Tool
  • Save File as *.PSD, *.JPEG

Distance delivery and e-learning classes are greatly enhanced with the use of these materials as questions are answered by working through the materials.

The manual is designed for a 10 - 15-hour (or less) course depending on the depth required. The topics covered in a 51 hour course curriculum are covered in 15 hours allowing for many more hours of reinforcing practice.

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